Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Frigid May Day Festival

The Mayday Festival was a windy icy day unfortunately since I was next to the lake in Powderhorn Park, volunteering at the Aldrich Arts Collaborative table. It is a non-profit arts organization located in S. Minneapolis. I was in their most recent show, "Out of Earth, Art", where they displayed environmentally themed art from local artists and also kids from their arts classes in the same gallery. The activity for kids/adults at the table was spring themed as might make sense for a Mayday festival, but not so in MN. I was surprised at how many children and other passers by actually stopped to chat and participate in decorating small paper cups with paint to be used as planters for spring flowers or vegetables. We still got to see the amazing puppet dance and bird boats coming across the lake so it was  still a good experience overall; but I hope next year will be spring-like and warm!