Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Silly Spring Sign for Store

I made this sign while working today at The Green Goober, the eco-friendly toy store I work at. I wanted to get into the feeling of spring, even if the weather today is cloudy and cold. So I made a display of some of the "spring" products that we carry - recycled plastic handled jump ropes, grow a sunflower in a pot kits, as well as some other flowers in a can. I threw in some cheesy rhymes to complete the cheery theme of the signage, about some of my favorite wood products: a tree swing made of a slice of a tree, (bark still intact), and also a nice birch wood sling shot with real leather ammo pocket. I may be getting a tree swing for my backyard just to welcome spring in. Gotta work on that whole gardening thing too.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A new meaning for CSA: Community Supported Art

Springboard for the Arts and, two great organizations for artists based in Minnesota have joined forces to create a project that uses the abbreviation of CSA in a new way. Many of us local agricultural enthusiasts have come to use this term in reference to vegetable boxes delivered to your kitchen from local farms. Now we can use CSA in a new way to describe locally supported art; the project entails the creating of 50 pieces of art by each artist in the program. Each artist will receive a stipend for their time in creating these pieces, and copies are allowed. The call for artists to submit work just ended yesterday, and I managed to add my submission to the ranks. The call for art was open to musicians, performing artists, and writers as well as visual artists. Part of the application process was to write a proposal of what you would do for the project if you were accepted, green or environmentally conscience proposals were encouraged. I realized after writing my proposal that the idea of doing eco-conscious art is what I have been trying to do with my craft projects, but I have not yet incorporated into my paintings. I do intend to write some environmentally inspired children's books but have not finalized many of my ideas yet. I think I will just start working on my 50 pieces of art anyways as a portfolio project for myself. I wanted to create pieces on the subject of organic and sustainable farming practices. I see some paintings of heirloom chicken breeds coming in the future. To find more information about the CSA project goto their website posting here.