Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Silly Spring Sign for Store

I made this sign while working today at The Green Goober, the eco-friendly toy store I work at. I wanted to get into the feeling of spring, even if the weather today is cloudy and cold. So I made a display of some of the "spring" products that we carry - recycled plastic handled jump ropes, grow a sunflower in a pot kits, as well as some other flowers in a can. I threw in some cheesy rhymes to complete the cheery theme of the signage, about some of my favorite wood products: a tree swing made of a slice of a tree, (bark still intact), and also a nice birch wood sling shot with real leather ammo pocket. I may be getting a tree swing for my backyard just to welcome spring in. Gotta work on that whole gardening thing too.

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