Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Artwork - Monarchs and Bagpipes

I created some new paintings in gouache recently. I love working out of my own studio, which I now rent from the Fallout Cooperative in Mpls. It is conveniently close to my house and I can keep all my paints out ready to go. I was very inspired to paint more after a wonderful class I took at the Minneapolis College of Art and design; during the class I was encouraged to work larger. I just completed these two pieces on that are both on 18" X 24" watercolor paper. I have had to adapt to work larger, buying new bigger brushes but I find it helps me get into a looser style and have more fun with the texture and still be able to add the details that I like. The first piece is inspired by the Mayday Parade which goes through my neighborhood every year and is filled with huge puppets of all shapes and sizes, stilt walkers and other performers; last year they had a whole troupe of monarch people! The other piece is for a self-written book I am working on about a girl finding her instrument.
(The resolution is low because I just used photos- haven't scanned yet)

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